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Some of you may or may not know, music has been part of my life, not only for most of us, enjoying the vibe, the dance or the sound but making music all together. It has been a few years since this band adventure came to an end because our lives changed at that time with having each of us moving on with studies, the army or work-life. Still, it is a good memory, so good that I decided to share the music we as the band ROZZLOEFFEL made back in the mid 80’s. In fact, the album, which was also in part played on German live TV, was recorded in 1983. As I said, just a few years back – LOL.

The band name ROZZLOEFFEL originates from the German word  “Rotzlöffel” which, in simple words, defines someone naughty, mostly a teenager. The full definition in German reads like this:


“Person, meistens ein Kind oder Jugendlicher, der frech, dreist, arrogant und unbelehrbar auftritt, aber auch wehleidig, widerspenstig und weinerlich.”


In English it can be translated as a “Person, usually a child or young person, who comes across as cheeky, bold, arrogant and unteachable, but also self-pitying, stubborn and tearful“. Does not sound like me at all, or does it?

Perhaps there is some truth behind the name of the band and us, Tommy (Guitar), Wuz (Keyboard), me (Drums), Ritchi (Lead Vocals) and Zeindl (Bass Guitar), a bunch of young guys in their teens ready to rock the world and to break hearts, in a good way of course. I am still trying to locate and recover a video recording which was produced during a live event on German national TV, a show called “Job and Pop”. The show was recorded in Straubing in a local music scene club called “Cairo”. I believe this place still exists even today.

Tommy (Guitar), Wuzz (Keyboard), me (Drums), Ritchi (Lead Vocals) and Zeindl (Bass Guitar)
Tommy (Guitar), Wuz (Keyboard), me (Drums), Ritchi (Lead Vocals) and Zeindl (Bass Guitar)

Thanks to technology, I was able to preserve the original tracks recorded back in 1983 in a studio in the southern German city of Straubing. The tracks are preserved  in MP3 format and can be played freely right from here. Would love to hear from you what your favorite track is. I may just share with you what mine was back then and still is now.

Happy listening!

Track: 1
Title: Diplomat
Album: Traumland

Track: 2
Title: Grosser Reiter (Great Rider)
Album: Traumland

Track: 3
Title: Kotz den Rotz (Puke the snot)
Album: Traumland

Track: 4
Title: Nachts um Halb Drei (At half past two in the morning)
Album: Traumland

Track: 5
Title: Scheiss Sauna (F*cking sauna)
Album: Traumland

Track: 6
Title: Stress
Album: Traumland

Track: 7
Title: Traumland (Dreamland)
Album: Traumland

Track: 8
Title: Wos hob I do (What have I done)
Album: Traumland

Did you manage to find your favorite track? These songs are all recorded back in the mid-eighties in a small, but professional recording studio in southern Germany. Feel free to comment and share your favorite song with me. Guess which one was the most successful one?

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  1. Update: Added 3 images of the original tape. My mom was able to locate the tape a few days back. Back then the design was pretty simple. I still remember that I created it by hand. One can clearly notice that I ain’t a perfect design artist 😉

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