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First published 7 years ago

As some of you guys may know, I have been working within the RC drone industry for some time. I have been flying RC helicopters before I ventured into drones, but more or less just as a very basic recreational flyer. By far from being an expert RC helicopter pilot. Since a few years back, that was around 2010, we decided to start developing our own drones. Since then our progress has been a rather interesting journey with lots of ups and downs. The drone industry is challenging not just because of regulation but because of a strong dominance by one major player and a fierce competition to grab what is left from the remaining market. To say it in simple terms, “It has been quite a ride”.

Nevertheless, I am still very much devoted to this subject, carry a drone to many places I travel. It has become one of my travel companions, it’s fun and exciting to carry a drone in your luggage, getting pulled out by airport security or while boarding a plane. Well, I am by now used to it πŸ™‚ Most of the time I do bring the NovaX 350 with me where I either attach a GoPro Hero4 or Xiaomi Yi camera to it.

Here is a little video I would like to share with you, recorded with my trusted NovaX 350. It has been recorded on Bali where I hired a driver to bring me to interesting locations on the island. So drones don’t only capture cool video footage, they actually help you to explore the area, visit exciting locations and have yourself share your experience with the world. I’ll continue to record whenever I have time and the location permits me to do so. Usually I take a careful approach, looking into local regulations and restrictions if it comes to operating drones; and of course, stay away from flying directly over people. Always act responsibly and professional, know your limits and do not take risks.

Enjoy the recording captured on Bali. My dear friend Jamie was extremely helpful Β in editing the raw footage, don’t you think?

Would love to hear and read about your experience as well, regardless which drone you love and fly. If you have something to share, please feel free to comment. My next trip will bring me to Japan this June where I’ll try to capture material once more.

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