Lantau Trail Section 3

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Interestingly, whenever I tell my fellow friends from overseas about how amazing Hong Kong is whenever it comes to the vast possibilities of outdoor activities, most of my friends react somewhat irritated. Typically I would hear something like ” Hiking in Hong Kong, really? ” or ” Hong Kong is just an urban area with one concrete block next to the other”. Looks like there is room for educating these friends and people. Hong Kong offers amazing trails, country parks, wild trails, family walks, nature trails, real stunning sceneries including waterfalls and so much more.

I have been living in Hong Kong for many years but only started to enjoy the beauty of its country parks a few years back. Ever since, besides exploring sandy beaches, I venture out into the nature of Hong Kong rather frequently. The hundreds and hundreds of trails have everything to offer, from a gentle walk to a challenging uphill climb or even climbing on rocks, wild trails or mastering a beach rock formation.

Hiking in Hong Kong has become one of the most sought after outdoor activity for many Hong Kongers.Β  Β That’s the reason why I usually avoid to hike on a Sunday as the trails are full of all kind of hiking friends.

Hong Kong is more than just buildings. It has to offer stunning nature trails for all levels of hikers.

I added a video below to replay a hike of many I completed and saved on Relive. The video covers the Lantau Trail Section 3. You may also visit my Instagram feed to discover for more Hong Kong hiking impressions – do check them out and while you are already there why not follow me on Instagram or drop me a quick message via the guestbookΒ or DM me. I am sure going to appreciate it and I will reply.

For details such as route, length and duration of the hike follow the Relive link.

If you would like to explore all the available trails just download this rather popular Hiking App. It has been a great help for me.

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