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I have been running a GPS tracking server for several years now and emphasized on how I designed the tracking platform in a previous post. Now that technology has advanced even further I have decided to add a complete new 4G tracker hardware to both of the cars in my garage.

Not only is it super easy, virtually a simple plug and play installation, it is also very useful to accurately review and relive the trips I took, especially those during the Sunday morning drives. In particular it is fun to review tracks and routes we took as a group where we can see where each and every group member took a wrong turn or who was ahead and who followed behind.

Technology has advanced so much with trackers becoming extremely accurate in determining the exact location as well as to read important vehicle data directly from the OBD-II data port of the car. The new VL502 4G tracking device from JimiIoT directly fits into the OBD-II port located in every car, just underneath the steering wheel for most cases. Some OBD-II sockets might be located at the passenger side.


Desktop Screenshot,  SMD – 4th December ’22

I installed mine with an extra extension cable to hide the sensor underneath the dashboard. A rather simple task to complete the installation in less than 20 minutes.

Not only do I enjoy accurate location data but moreover I can look at a detailed daily, weekly or monthly report of where I have been driving and what distance I covered. It certainly also provides a good amount of intelligence whenever I drive my car to the workshop for service. I will know exactly whether the car was checked properly during a test drive.

In case I am not at my desktop I can use an free APP or a mobile device to browse the tracking server’s mobile interface.

My GPS data are safe and protected using inuvi as my provider. inuvi is not only my own creation, but its technology platform is developed by top notch experts in Europe and so are my data hosted safely on Amazon Web Services in Singapore.

In case you are interested to have a tracker installed in your car in just a few, easy to install, minutes, drop me a note and I’ll have that done for you.


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