Instagram decided to block me – temporarily

First published 1 year ago

Well, first of all I haven’t been posting here for a very long time. But today is the moment I finally decided to enter a few words right here in my own space, a space where I can type and share whatever I wish to share. Well, or at least most of it but perhaps not everything given the widespread fear of writing and sharing something that could potentially violate a policy or may perhaps offend someone. Is this really 2022 or are we back into the stone age?

But then, that’s a completely different story to tell and not really the reason for my post today. Today is about Instagram and the fact that I have two of my accounts suspended for violating community rule. Strangely for engaging in a practice that helps me to gain followers, clicks and likes 🙂 Well, at least I am just temporarily restricted from performing some actions, like liking posts or posting reels. Did you have such a similar experience before?

Perhaps it’s even good to stay off that platform for some time and rather focus on the real socializing – it certainly is the better choice but not entirely free of restrictions as well.

The thing is that I joined a group of “common interest”, sharing same ideas and hobbies. This group allowed me to meet people I may never have found or it would perhaps have taken a lot of time to meet all these great people from a community of common interest. So, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that exactly what community should be all about?

It obviously wouldn’t be correct to buy likes or followers. But joining a group which actually is a community violates community guidelines. How weird is that? Would like to know what you think about this. Share your comments if you like. Or is it really just me?

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One thought on “Instagram decided to block me – temporarily

  1. Well, a short update. All back to normal and I am able to use my IG account without any issues. Not sure where, what went wrong. There wasn’t any clear information. Good to be able to like and comment to posts and stories again 😉

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