Instagram decided to block me – again!

First published 2 years ago

Firstly, please forgive me for not being able to like or comment on your recent posts, stories or reels. It does have a reason I can’t control.

As you may know, I recently posted that my main Instagram account has been banned for a week or so for “violating community guidelines”. What can I say, it keep happening again despite that I am still not following any such mentioned service. The message virtually keeps popping up for no reason from time to time after I “like” or take another action on a post or story. This has been a frustrating experience, especially because I have no idea what may have caused this repeated ban and therefore to know what actions I may have to take to entirely avoid this in future.


“Your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action [liking posts, posting, commenting on posts, replying to comments]. Sharing your account with a service that helps you get more likes or followers goes against our Community Guidelines. This block will expire on 2023-12-23. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

What frustrates most is that there is no detailed reason provided or any direction explained what actions need to be taken to follow the community guidelines. In fact, personally I don’t see where I may have gone wrong here. Looks like Instagram has a tight crib on its users. In some way I do understand that keeping your community clean is generally okay, but having an algorithm in place that apparently constantly gets it wrong doesn’t do much good as well.


Instagram, get your algorithm sorted out or at least tell us what actions to take!

It’s really weird given that I am such a humble Instagram user who most likely won’t change the world by sharing my hiking or gym or car posts. Just not sure whether the poor Instagram algorithm does more bad than actually does any good. I’ll keep believing that this banning frenzy comes to an end at some point of time.


This experience just reminds me how depended one is on tech giants control and how little control one has over these giants. Scary?

If you had a similar experience feel free to get in touch with me or post a comment below. Really interested to hear your story or comments. I can handle it πŸ˜‰

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