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There are certainly plenty before and after weight loss or fitness stories out there. Perhaps some you have come across by yourself or from hearsay, advertisements or an actual experience you had, either through a friend or you.

Some of these stories appear somewhat unbelievable, ridiculous or even suggest to be fake. But then again, they do happen with many of these stories actually having improved someone’s life. Just like in my personal experience, you can improve yourself not only physically but also improving your mental state since body and soul are what completes you as a person. In simple terms, a healthy body improves your emotional state, contributes to your overall well-being, including happiness and your general mental state.

And, it’s okay to be like that.

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our well-being. Even a short burst of 10 minutes of brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Participation in regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Source: Mental Health Foundation, UK

In other words, physical health matters. And we know it!

But why then aren’t we taking this important fact much more serious, make it an integral part of our life or at least turn it into a regular habit? It isn’t that complicated to do, all it needs is discipline, it isn’t time we need that limits us, it’s the excuses we find that limit us. Be honest, an excuse is easy to speak out as compared to the actual effort to exercise regularly. But why is that so that we can’t overcome our own made-up excuses?

Exercise is exhausting at first, perhaps even creates a perception of pain, it requires time, it requires us to stand up and move. Having said that, let me add that exercise of any kind should never cause any actual pain, if it does, stop doing what you are doing, rest, seek medical attention or check and validate whether whatever you are exercising is  performed correct, with the right posture and movement. Seek help from a professional personal trainer, it helped me very much!

Consider booking a few personal trainer sessions to learn how to exercise correctly in order to protect your health and to progress efficiently.

Good posture helps the body to function effectively and will minimize muscle strain and injury. During exercise, whether you are sitting or standing, your body will potentially be in several different positions.

Source: Diane Rellinger, Michigan State University Extension, US

I really hope, I sincerely do – that this blog post actually does motivate you to start to change your habits. Start with finding and allocating just one hour a day – and yes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes won’t do any good, so to say that. Start with an hour a day and work your way up to perhaps two hours 5 times a week. And, what counts most, follow through with it, stay committed to yourself, be disciplined and get away with excuses.

And, if you really can’t always – try at least 10 minutes a day but don’t stop altogether.

Age does not matter as well, at least for me, I do a good combination of daily cardio training of at least 40 to 60 minutes followed by 1 hour weight training followed by a series of popular core exercises.

You don’t have enough time? Well, the most used excuse I come across whenever I tell my personal experience. My answer is simple, “Wake up 1 hour earlier.” and consider going to bed a bit earlier as well. It works – it really does. Obviously spending an hour a day at the gym won’t do magical magic all by itself. A general healthy lifestyle makes achieving your personal target much easier. Consider what you eat, what you drink, whether you should sleep longer or perhaps stop smoking.

My personal story includes all of the above. I am glad I choose this path and I am happy to continue to carry me even further this coming year of 2023.

Before - Year: 2010 Weight: 99kg
After - Year: 2022 Weight: 78kg

I went from XXL down to M. Lost about 25kg, also had my ups and downs during the journey, especially with Covid limiting us to visit the gym as we did before. But then again, there is so much we can do even right in the comfort of our home, hike, cycle or even just take a regular walk or run in the outdoors. Believe me, you will start to like or even love it, without getting obsessed by it.  Important is that you enjoy all parts of your life, the bright and the dark, but what matters is that you turn the bright exercise part into a regular habit instead of an irregular burden. I am glad that I took control over myself, my body and my mind at once.

And, you are not a freak doing so as well!


Important is that you enjoy all parts of your life, the bright and the dark, but what matters is that you turn the bright exercise part into a regular habit instead of an irregular burden.


Feel free to comment and share your thoughts or your own story.

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