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Recently I ventured out to the “Evening Drive” around Hong Kong International Airport which has a few stunning sceneries to be captured by the photographers out there. Below are a few selected photos taken this February ’23 by various guys including Black Cygnus and Alpha Photography. What do you think, aren’t there a few really amazing shots? Let me know what you think. I am still adding images here once they become available, so do come back if you like.

Feel free to comment and give credit to the artists. Click on any of the gallery images below for a fullscreen high-resolution image. Images are best viewed on desktop version.


On another note, I support the guys for all their photos taken of my cars and which I publish online, hence they are all paid for – do consider to support the artists as well.

If you like, please follow CLASSY and MATLI on Instagram. And do support the guys from Black Cygnus Photography and others. The majority of the images posted here are taken by the Black Cygnus crew. All credits to them or the other artists who I will mention separately once I post an image. All images presented here have been paid for to support and to keep the spirit alive.


I would like to shout-out to Alpha Photography, RayLaw Photography, David Warbird and Cyrus Chan and many others as well. A big thank you to all of them for coming out so often to take these shots for us!

See below the map and route location, including Shek O, Tsuen Wan and the Airport. These routes are recorded using a OBD-II fixed installed tracker which I use in my cars. The tracker records the exact route, speed, time, location, petrol, battery status, odometer reading and various other telemetry data directly from the car’s OBD-II data port which is located for most of all cars just under the steering wheel. The service is provided by inuvi.net. You can replay and analyse your drives very detailed.

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