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Some months back I pampered myself with a handcrafted, British built car. As a German, perhaps one might think “Why in this world get anything else but a premium German made car from one of the well known, yes true, actually well designed cars?”. The answer is as simple as it could be. It was that kind of love at first sight experience, and I just couldn’t resist any longer.

Aston Martin is simply an exceptionally well designed, built and detailed car all around while it keeps its interior elements low profile from the outside, but crafted with so much detail and perfection. Eventually it was the look, the butt combined in a timeless design that made me forget all about the German car standards. And I was not to be disappointed, the Aston Martin Vantage V8, the entry level Aston one might say, is without a doubt my favourite among the cars I have owned. I am usually not this type of guy whom you would expect in a Lamborghini or Ferrari,  neither I am able to afford them nor do I feel I belong in one. A Maserati would be an option, yes, no question, however, the timeless design of the AM Vantage was here long before the Italian built supercar was.

Now that I have purchased it, I just had to add my personality to this wonderful machinery. Some are puzzled, outraged or confused why someone ever needed to think of changing something made not to be changed. Slap me if you like, but I did it anyway, perhaps because this is how the Aston was meant to be if it would have ever been made just for me? Honestly, I do not know the answer to it; I just know that I always look for the opposite of the standard and in this case, I kept faithful to myself. Applying a vinyl wrap is not destructive, does not damage the original paint, can be removed and just adds a complete new perspective to what has already been made to be perfect. So why not go for it?

As this was done, it is time to add just a bit of myself to the interior leather and headliner of the Vantage V8. For one, because the factory installed headliner decided to come down on me. This seems to be a common experience for Aston owners, told so by my dear friend Jeric from J Concept, who has his shop just a few steps away from my office, who helped me to get this fixed. Apparently the prior mentioned Ferraris, Bentleys or Lamborghinis do have their headliners drop as well. This is of course annoying but not a reason strong enough to ever change my opinion about the Vantage V8. I guess it might be related to the awesome driving characteristics. Let’s not get into too much dreaming now, back to the subject please.

Well, tweaking with the leather interior is not really my first “customisation” work performed by myself, just after I purchased this beauty I had removed the dash panels by myself, gathered parts, cables bits and pieces, to install and integrate my very own audio system enhancement to the factory installed audio package. It was a rather scary task, removing the entire centre console of the Vantage, adding cables here and there, while not disturbing any of the original installed cables and hardware. Honestly, I did an awesome job. I didn’t document it too well, so please bear with me that I won’t share any additional details concerning the audio upgrade, unless you force me to. I do have a few photos taken, which may give you an idea of the extent of the work. I am happy to say, the upgrade has worked well from day one and ever since.

The interior work is not fully completed at this point of time, so I’ll update you guys in a second post soon. For now just allow me to share a few impressions from what has been done thus far. What do you think – don’t hold back – destructive or constructive?

J Concept has shared an album on their Facebook page. It gives you a good idea of what these guys are capable of. Simply head over here and take a look.

Further credits go to these guys from:

DNA-Engineering – for providing excellent carbon parts.
Kahn Wheels – for designing such wonderful rims.
Impressive Wrap Hong Kong – for turning my inspiration into reality.
J Concept – for working on the car’s interior leather and providing excellent recommendations.

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