From XXL to M


There are certainly plenty before and after weight loss or fitness stories out there. Perhaps some you have come across by yourself or from hearsay, advertisements or an actual experience you had, either through a friend or you.

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Travel back in time

Back in time

Some of you may or may not know, music has been part of my life, not only for most of us, enjoying the vibe, the dance or the sound but making music all together. It has been a few years since this band adventure came to an end because our lives changed at that time with having each of us moving on with studies, the army or work-life. Still, it is a good memory, so good that I decided to share the music we as the band ROZZLOEFFEL made back in the mid 80's.

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Car captures


Enjoy these stunning photos taken from devoted car photographers who come out about every weekend to capture our rides. This has developed into a real car enthusiast community in Hong Kong. All these photos are taken in Hong Kong. Feel free to comment and give credit to the artists.

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Instagram decided to block me – again!

Social, Tech

As you may know, I recently posted that my main Instagram account has been banned for a week or so for β€œviolating community guidelines”. What can I say, it keep happening again despite that I am still not following any such mentioned service. The message virtually keeps popping up for no reason from time to time after I β€œlike” or take another action on a post or story.

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